‘The Walking Dead' Season 7 Finale: Here Comes The Pain, Major Characters Unlikely Death

Fans who didn’t enjoy the last episode of “The Walking Dead” should be warned about what is going to happen in the season finale. Apparently, a major character will die due to her thirst for revenge.

Season 7 of the epic TV series “The Walking Dead” haven’t lived to the expectations of some fans. This speaks volume as this should be their make or break season. Based on the latest TV ratings of “The Walking Dead”, their past two episodes dropped down drastically. Their latest episode title “The Other Side” which was shown yesterday also didn’t receive any positive feedbacks. However, its season finale might bring them back to the top as spoilers state that a major character will die.

Major Character Dies

This will not be the first that this character’s name is on the list with regards to rumors of her being killed. Rosita is still mourning the death of her friends and the only thing that motivates her to live is her wanting to kill Negan. Rosita has been desperately begging and pleading other members of Rick’s team to take out Negan but most of the characters are hesitant. Besides, Rosita was the main reason why Spencer and Olivia died.

The majority of the fans already thinks that Rosita is being annoying already. There was a point on one of the episodes were members of Rick’s team has had enough with Rosita. Unfortunately, due to Rosita being relentless in convincing the team, Sasha will join her. Sasha’s personal hatred against Negan is fully documented. Sasha is arguably the fiercest lady on the team next to Michonne. The only problem is, Rosita's plan will eventually fall back.

In a recent thread on Reddit, there was an ongoing debate about on who will die in the next episode. Based on some feedbacks and the comic book, fans might be seeing the last days of Rosita in “The Walking Dead” series. Some fans are still hopeful that Rosita and Sasha will be able to survive Negan’s counter attack, while others are ready to move on.

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