Map Editor Coming To Overwatch, But Not Anytime Soon

Blizzard has been heavily applauded due to its work on Overwatch, one of the best shooter games to date. From the kind of story they have introduced to the type of characters they developed, the studio has proven -- once again -- its formidable reputation in the industry. Now, the video game company is looking to keep this moment afloat by way of releasing a very exciting feature -- the map editor, that is.

According to GameSpot, the studio is looking to release the said feature to the hit title of 2016. This was revealed by no other than the game's director Jeff Kaplan. "We are extremely open-minded about releasing a map editor," the titular executive said. If this becomes available, it will surely bring a lot of exciting stuff to the table.

Apparently, this isn't something that can be done to Overwatch right there and then. Kaplan did confirm its possible existence, but reiterated that it is unlikely to happen soon. He explained that this is due to the kind of engine, which is brand new, they implemented within the game. That in order to do so, they have to relatively create it in a very different setting.

Kaplan also played with the thought of a "long-term road map" for the game. Heck, he even finds the user-made content ones to be the most exciting of all. Nonetheless, as what he mentioned above, it will be "a very long road" before this map editor can be materialized to Overwatch. But once they do, they'll make it readily available to the general public.

As for the newest Overwatch hero Orisa, it has finally arrived and is made available across all platforms (PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4). However, as reported by VG247, the character will not arrive to Competitive Play. Instead, it will become available first to the Quick Play mode. Players will have to wait another week before this hero becomes available in the rank game. Blizzard said that they want to spend more time in reviewing the character as a whole. Only through this can they better understand its overall abilities as well as how it's best played or countered.

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