Overwatch Has Reached A New Milestone

Overwatch has quickly become one of the best shooter games in the industry. Over a short period of time since its release, it acquired a huge following. This only goes to show the kind of talent and capability developer Blizzard has. Now, the titular title has once again reached a new milestone. This time, it won the eSports Game of the Year.

According to ESPN, the aforementioned title snatched the said accomplishment during the highly celebrated SXSW Conference Gaming, which happened last Saturday night. It was Michael Chu, the game's lead writer, who received the prestigious award. He iterated that it has always been their goal to develop a game that is synonymous to being a great eSports title.

Overwatch came at the top, beating a number of excellent games in the genre. This includes the likes of Activision's Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Gears of Wars 4 and Killer Instinct: Season 3. It even went past through one of the great fighting titles in the industry called Street Fighter V. Blizzard is certainly in greater heights, following the accomplishments its title obtained.

The popular game was first released back in May last year. From there, it slowly paved its way to the eSports scene. Looking to reach a much wider audience, the studio resorted to a league, which was launched in September of 2016. This covers the likes of OGN APEX, which is a highly accepted scene in South Korea.

In related news, one of the well-known GMs in the field of Overwatch eSports has launched a new team. The latter is called Laser Kittenz, which is composed of former Bench Boys and new additions. Apparently, they are still in the transitional process. The team is believed to commence in September this year, with hopes to become one of the prominent team in the league.

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