How Tanking Should Be Done Correctly In Overwatch

Overwatch has an interesting roster of heroes, each of which are unique. They differ incredibly in skills, characteristics and origin, among others. One of the significant characters are the tank heroes. They are basically the one who are in-charge in fronting the battle. What some players don't understand is that there's actually a right way to doing this task.

In the game, the most popular hero who gets picked from time to time is no other than Reinhardt. He's just the kind that can easily be understood, though it takes a clever mind to use him professionally. This guy right here is often considered as the best tank hero, especially in pro games. But then again, this all relies to the power of the user.

According to PC Gamer, for Overwatch players who are new to the game, the key to mastering the aforementioned hero is to not over-simplify things. Most people forget the fact that the dude's shield is his best lethal weapon. Not only does it protect him from harm, it also allows his teammates to strategize and make an attack more deadly.

Unfortunately, players tend to not understand the concept behind this shield. They either bring it down and rush straight to the enemy lines or barely use it at all. Moreover, spatial control is also of essence. And take note, this also applies to other tank heroes in the game, not just Reinhardt. Take for example Winston. He's a guy who can jump, but he still needs that spatial to ensure that he can back down if the going gets tough.

As mentioned, some Overwatch players try to rush things down. If they play Winston, they just jump into the enemy's circle and pretend like they're not taking damage. What's the result? The team lost a tank. They're lucky if there's a reserve like a Zarya or D.Va on the side. Simply put, tanking in Overwatch is all about patience, timing and control. Try not to charge forward with no plan. Or better yet, ensure that your teammates can back you up right away.

In related Overwatch news, it has been known that 22-percent of the overall players in the game utilize integrated graphics, as reported by VG247. This only proves that Blizzard developed the game in a way that it will cater any hardware. This percentage basically refers to those who utilize laptops or notebooks.

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