For Honor Leak Hints At A Possible New Class In The Game

There seems to be yet another leaked downloadable content (DLC) class for For Honor following a recent leak. On the other hand, several thousand players have been banned for trying to use the experience-farming exploit.

New For Honor DLC Class Leaked?

According to PVPLive, an image was sent to NRG Twitch streamer iSkys that had a leak on another DLC class. This time, it seems like this new role will be called the Highlander. Some may argue that this might just be another class for the Vikings although the other two teased DLC characters, the Roman Centurion and Ninja, were not part of any factions.

Similarly, this Highlander is a Gaelic warrior and not a Viking. However, it is worth noting that there is no weapon from the character model in the image. In spite of this, there has been speculation that this will just be another two-handed sword wielding character judging from the movies.

Until now, Ubisoft has yet to confirm any of the possible new DLC and has also refused to comment on any leaks during the game's livestream. With this in mind, fans should take this leak with a grain of salt and wait for further information from the company themselves.

Players Warned And Banned For Abusing The System

In other news, over several thousand players were banned for trying to exploit the game, as per Polygon. Around a total of 1,500 fans have gotten a three-day ban while 4,000 players were issued a warning all because of an "AFK Farming" exploit. This involves players staying idle during a match while still reaping the rewards afterward. Although, they still had to find a way to keep their character moving, possibly by hooking a rubber band to the thumbstick.

Ubisoft still seems to be active in hunting down cheaters and giving their penalty for abusing the system. Because of this, fans should stick to playing fairly in order to reap the full rewards and not get into any unnecessary trouble. Those who want to play For Honor can get a copy for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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