BMW M6 vs BMW M4: Which Car Is More Alluring?

The best way to describe both the BMW M6 and the BMW M4 is that they are both auto sisters from the same mother, but with slight similarities and differences. The similarities and differences are what car enthusiasts want to know to make them informed in their buying decisions. Knowing the car that is more alluring between the BMW M6 and M4 will be the determining factor for consumers to make a better choice based on their needs and preferences.

What to Know About the BMW M6 Spec Car

First and foremost, the BMW M6 is a Gran Coupe where the M initially stands for Motorsport. This car comes with a turbocharged V8 engine with 600 horsepower. Any BMW with the M badge is built more for performance than for comfort, Motor Trend explained. The engine revs high and it has rear-wheel drive, meaning that it can handle mountain roads and dominate back roads without hissing in any way.

Meanwhile, the 2017 BMW M6 Gran Coupe comes with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission to keep the fast driver happy. It is fitted with a 20-inch Pirelli P Zero tires to instill confidence, and the car in whole weighs 4,397 pounds. Its start/stop system is great, and the car could be raced by the daring driver on a very good road.

The BMW M4 Car and What Makes It Alluring

The BMW M4 is another M car that is more recent than the M6. The first M6 hit the market four years ago according to Auto World News, but the most recent M4 has a lot in common with its predecessor. The M4 comes fitted with a 420i engine that can be upgraded to 430i with four cylinders or 440i engine with six cylinders. The engine performance is great and the car is durable under many road conditions, and it has proven a great delight to auto testers.

Which car is the most alluring then between the BMW M6 and the BMW M4? This can be very difficult to tell because consumers don't want the same things in any given car. But suffice it to say that both cars don't come at the same price and the specs and features are not too distant from each other, meaning that any customer must first consider his needs and preferences before choosing his preferred car between both.


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