LaVar Ball Dismisses Lebron James' Warning, Says 'He Doesn't Care What Lebron Said'

For fathers to protect their family, they sometimes need to go up against critics and fans alike. However, it's a different story when a father is up against another father who doesn't care.

What Started The Beef

According to Uproxx, the trouble between the Cleveland Superstar Lebron James and LaVar Ball started when LaVar included James' children in his comments on a previously released podcast by Chris Broussard. LaVar would go on to say that his kids have an advantage over James' kids because James' kids have to live with the pressure to live up to their father's legacy.

This legacy as Charles Barkley would go on to eagerly point out, that Lavar only averaged two points per game in his whole career. Which in LaVar's mind, would then magically translate to having sons who are going to be "monsters".

On the other hand, Lavar's comments would prompt the three-time NBA Champion to fire back. In which, James was then quoted to warn LaVar to "keep his family out of his mouth". James would go on to say that Lavar can talk about his brand, sons, basketball and James himself, but LaVar needs to keep James' family out of it.

LaVar Ball's Response To Lebron James' Warning

Like the person he is known for, LaVar would go on to assert his opinion on the matter which may further escalate things between him and James. ESPN notes that in an interview with SeriousXM's Full Ride, LaVar goes on to air his two cents on James' warning towards him.

LaVar would go on to say that he doesn't care what Lebron said and that he was warned by James but for what? "What is a warning going to do? Nothing". Furthermore, LaVar would go on to say that he gave his opinion about his solid belief that no superstar's son became a superstar and the fact that these sons have to live up to their fathers or parents. He goes on to say that in the 50 years he's been around, that he hasn't seen any and that he asks if people have seen a superstar's son becoming as good as or better than their father or parents. He would reiterate that what he is talking about is a superstar, as iconic as DR. J, Allan Iverson or Lebron James, not a regular player.

Additionally, Lavar would refer to James as "touchy" after the latter's previous comment that it's a problem now. LaVar would then mention in the interview that if someone asks him a question, that they would get an answer.

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