Overwatch Is Getting A Huge Update This Summer

Among the nicest things about Overwatch are updates. They simply make the game even better and interesting, keeping its momentum afloat. This is exactly what developer Blizzard is planning to do this summer. Following the release of a brand new hero Orisa, the studio has already planned its next move.

According to Express, the studio has just recently revealed its plans to add more updates to Overwatch following the official release of the new character. Along with the hero, an update was released to tackle a couple of issues and balance changes. The latter specifically covered the likes of Junkrat, Ana and Bastion.

There's no specifics yet as to what this supper update will be. However, as iterated by the video game company, it is likely to be a massive one. There is a chance that the talked about map editor will come along with it (or not). Some also suggest that new features will arrive, coupled with a few character balances on the game.

As for the map editor, it was Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan who teased its supposed arrival. He mentioned, however, that developing such feature is not easy and he can't even tell when exactly they will be able to announce it officially. He iterated that this is due to the game having a brand new engine. As a result, creating the said feature requires a good amount of work and resources. There are various elements or factors that they have to consider first.

In related Overwatch news, Polygon reports that the highly anticipated character Orisa has finally arrived to the game. It has been made available to all platforms, but there is a catch. Basically, she won't be made available in the Competitive Play, as Blizzard wants to spend a little more time understanding the hero. They want to better her as a whole before officially releasing her to the said mode.

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