Rihanna's Sex Scene In Bates Motel Was So Hot Even She Can't Dare To Watch It

There’s a lot of reason why Rihanna is considered as a sex symbol in the industry. The 29-year-old singer is not only a great performer but also as one of the greatest body in the world today.

After the recent breakup with Drake, Rihanna was busy trying other ventures. Although Rihanna is not active creating music, the Barbados native is making some noise in a TV series. At first, Rihanna was questioned by multiple critiques on whether or not she can act. However, Rihanna proved that she is versatile and can do anything in front of the camera. Fans have been waiting for a racy scene from Rihanna and finally, their wish came true.

Rihanna’s Sex Scene

In the recent episode of “Bates Motel”, Rihanna, who plays the role, Marion, made out with her boyfriend Austin Nichols(Sam). The scene started with a simple kiss then it slowly turns into a racy scene. Fans were glued to their TV when they saw Rihanna flashing her body. However, as for Rihanna, she took a couple of tequila shots while watching the segment. Rihanna stated that she’s not comfortable watching herself especially making out with somebody. The fans applauded Rihanna while doing Facebook Live. As per the initial numbers, "Bates Motel” increased their viewership during the episode where the infamous sex scene happened.

Rihanna The Actress?

This might not be the last time that the fans will see Rihanna in a TV series. According to a respected magazine, numerous producers have been targeting the singer to make a cameo appearance in their respective TV series. Rihanna hasn't commented on those possibilities but basing on the reaction that Rihanna received from the fans, Rihanna might need to reconsider her decisions. “Bates Motel” Season 5 airs every Monday Night at 10 PM in A&E.

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