Google Releases Android O; Here's Everything You Need To Know

The upcoming mobile software of Google named as Android O has been designed in order to extend the battery life of any Android device. Aside from that, the new operating system also let users perform multiple tasks simultaneously. To achieve this, the American multinational technology company is introducing new limits which prevent apps running in the background and from absorbing all of the charges out of the gadget's battery.

Improved Battery Life

According to Telegraph, Google is preventing apps from running in the background while the user is using the device. Because of this new improvement, the battery life of a certain device will be longer since its operating system is not draining it up anymore. The restrictions that will be included in this performance are the "implicit broadcasts," or those apps that running using Wi-Fi, camera and other features that use the battery a lot. Android O will also limit several background services and location updates or the GPS when an app is not in use by the user.

Less Notifications

Another function that a user can immediately use from the update of the Android system is the ability to snooze the device's notifications. In order to apply this, pull down on the notification bar from the upper part of the screen, then slowly swiping to the left or right. As reported by The Verge, this will bring up a clock and a gear icon, which will perform the "snooze notification" feature for 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

Multiple Tasks At Once

As Google announced the release of Android O, it also said that the firm is putting "a big priority on improving the device's interactive performance." In fact, Google already added various features to Android O in order to help users multitask with their device. First on this update is the "picture in picture" display which allows any video to keep playing on a smaller screen even the user is browsing other pages. Android users can also send text messages or make a call while still playing the video in the background.

Audio Enhancement

another feature is the support for LDAC for Hi-Fi Bluetooth audio and the wide-gamut color for all beautiful Pixel camera photos. While Google's customization tools for notifications as well as the Systems UI Tuner are fun, a bunch of this is a setup for more to be announced by the tech giant later this spring. As of today, it is not yet recommended running off to install Android O because some devices such as Nexus and Pixel are still experiencing bugs. However, there is a lot to be excited about when developers get the opportunity to catch up to what Google’s prepping for them.


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