Workflow Acquired By Apple, Popular iOS App Made Free For Everyone

Apple Inc. just bought Workflow and made free for everyone who uses iPhone and iPad on their professional routines. Workflow is a well-known popular iOS app that allows users to do automating common actions on iPhones and iPads. This acquisition by the tech giant is said to be unusual because the app will still be available on the Apple's App Store.

As of now, according to The Guardian, Workflow App will be free to download for all Apple iPhone and iPad users. The personal automation app was highly praised by all users as well as by Apple itself, which commended its development team with a design award in 2015. Another unusual fact is when Apple confirmed this new acquisition, with Workflow’s developer Ari Weinstein stating that he was “thrilled to be joining Apple."

In the released statement confirming the new acquisition, Apple praised Workflow app's accessibility features saying that in particular, an excellent implementation for VoiceOver with clearer labeled items, thoughtful hints as well as drag/drop announcements, making the tool very usable. Apple also mentioned that the app is not just for people who are working using their iPhones and iPads because Workflow is also very "quickly accessible to those who are blind or low-vision”.

According to Business Insider, once you open the app, you will see a thumbnail of different colors which represent different workflow. There's also galleries of other workflows from different people which you can view and download for free. This feature is a very useful part of the app especially for users that are not that good at scripts.

The Workflow app will let users do many things such as making GIF from the gallery of an Apple device, export song file, post to Instagram and other tasks that can be customized. Aside from that, Workflow has long been recommended as one of the many important apps for those who need to do serious work such as creating a short text report, saving it in Dropbox and texting it to various people. The app can help guide you to figure out what kind of workflow you want to make.

In order to use a workflow you saved, access it from the share menu that can be found at the bottom left of the app. Aside from that, a user can also access different workflows through a widget in the Notification Center of an iPhone or iPad. App users can make their own workflow from scratch by chaining together actions. Just drag a specific action from the left window of the Workflow app to the window on the right.


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