Jaguar Offers Unlimited In-Car LTE Data Plan

Everyone loves internet data, cars are getting to love them too. With AT&T prepaid data plan, you can now enjoy quality internet services in the US with the Jaguar Land Rover; just as you could with Chevrolet. The in-car data plan costs $20 every month and can only be used with the InControl Wi-Fi, which is capable of connecting up to eight devices at the same time.

The in-car AT&T prepaid data plan can be used with several models within the Jaguar and Land Rover series, per Tech Crunch. To this end, Jaguar vehicles such as the Jaguar XE, Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJ, and F-Pace models have the InControl Wi-Fi technology for cellular data connection. Also, the Land Rover models to have the InControl Wi-Fi already equipped are the Range Rover, Range Rover Evoque, Discovery, Range Rover Sport and Discovery Sport.

This is not a given at the moment, but it is expected that with time, other automakers will begin to integrate in-car LTE data connections via InControl Wi-Fi in their car models. After all, Chevrolet was the first to start with this in-car data plan innovation before Jaguar Land Rover followed suit. So it won't be too surprising if other automakers include the in-car data connection in upcoming car models to enable car owners connect to the internet and make use of several connected devices.

You must be reminded that the Jaguar XE enables you to buy gas from gas stations and make cashless payments via the in-car InControl system, Engadget wrote. The listed Jaguar Land Rover models with InControl systems make using LTE network a delight everywhere you find yourself in the US, and this is because a special antenna has been fixed to these vehicles to make AT&T cellular connection possible. The in-car data use is, however, optional for car users and only on a prepaid basis.

Automakers will benefit from having consumers pay a monthly subscription for the in-car data since this can be used to offset the cost of integrating the technology in the first place. Meanwhile, this is one innovation that almost all car owners would love without hesitation, even though paying for the monthly subscription would be a matter of choice. It is, however good to start somewhere and both Chevrolet and Jaguar Land Rover have taken the lead in this regard.

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