Outlast 2 Now Unbanned In Australia After An Incredibly Short Notice

Outlast 2 was recently labeled as too extreme for human standards in Australia. However, due to a surprising turn of events, the country has finally rated the upcoming horror game.

Australia Approves Outlast 2 Despite Initial Reaction

According to Kotaku, Australia's notorious Classification Board recently put a red light on the highly anticipated horror game sequel due to extreme sexual violence that violated their ratings. Fittingly enough, the first game and its downloadable content (DLC) side story also included plenty of gruesome scenes like mutilation. However, Australia has gone back on their original decision and decided to give the game an 18+ rating.

Strangely enough, the developers did not actually change anything from the initial submission. Instead, it was the Classification Board that changed their minds. Although, it is still unsure as to why they decided to revoke their original decision despite their claims.

With this in mind, fans in Australia will now have the chance to enjoy the game. Needless to say, titles without proper a proper age rating is not legally allowed to be sold in the country. Because of these recent cases, Senator David Layonhjelm of Australia's Liberal Democratic has released a statement towards how the country and the board treat video games, as per PlayStation LifeStyle.

Senator Lashes Out At Country's Outlook Towards Gamers

He claimed that the mere fact that humans come in contact with creatures in the game was enough to ban the game altogether as there is a false assumption that only children play video games. In spite of the violence in the sequel, the senator argued that the internet is filled with disturbing images of vile acts committed by real people and not computer generated images.

In conclusion to his speech, he noted how the government continues to disapprove and discourage the gaming community and urges the authorities and country's classification board to leave gamers alone. Outlast 2 will officially launch on April 25 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. There will also be a physical Outlast Trilogy collection for consoles, which will contain the first game, its DLC and the upcoming sequel.

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