John Mayer's New Song Is All About Katy Perry, Former Lovers To Rekindle Their Relationship?

John Mayer just released its new song which talks about a girl he dated before which many assume is Katy Perry.

John Mayer’s Pitch To Katy Perry

John Mayer’s timing is impeccable as Katy Perry just ended its relationship with Orlando Bloom. The “Lord Of The Rings” actor and Katy Perry is too good to be true as a respected magazine stated. However, just a couple of weeks ago, the tension between both camps started. There were speculations that Orlando Bloom ditch Katy Perry for another girl. The media tried to reach Orlando Bloom but every time Bloom is asked that question, Bloom doesn’t provide an answer.

On the other hand, Katy Perry is making her life busy. The versatile singer is still tight-lipped about her relationship with Orlando Bloom. John Mayer who have dated a lot of A-list stars has set his sights to her ex-girlfriend. John Mayer and Katy Perry started dating after Perry divorced comedian Russell Brand. Their relationship didn’t last that long and John Mayer admitted that he was wrong.

Love Was In The Air

The lyrics of John Mayer’s song is very emotional and sincere, to say the least. Not everybody can write about somebody and put it on a song. However, that seems to be the greatest asset of John Mayer. There are no reports yet on whether or not Katy Perry have heard the song and time will only tell if these two former lovers are destined together. The new album of John Mayer is already out and his carrier single is getting recognition.

Fans can now watch and listen to John Mayer’s song titled “Still Feel Like Your Man” in any streaming or downloading sites.

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