Blizzard Is Doing Some Major Upgrades On This Overwatch Feature

The popularity of Overwatch has become an overwhelming success for Blizzard. Just after its official release, it quickly became one of the highly celebrated shooter games last year -- and until now. However, it still needs to improve in one area or another. This is something that the studio is working on, particularly on a feature called the Anti-Abuse System.

Like any other MOBA games, toxicity is also among the main issues in Overwatch. The number of toxic players in the game are just enough to ruin a person's day. To battle this, the studio incorporated a system - heavily monitored by a group of team at the studio -- that will bring down these trash players. The goal of it, obviously, is to give the game a cleaner environment.

Apparently, as reported by Kotaku, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan himself admitted that the current state of the Anti-Abuse System is still a lackluster. While they have introduced a couple of tweaks right then and there, they didn't entirely make things better or significant. Fortunately, his team is working on a new report system, and it is currently live on the Public Test Realm (PTR).

The said system now allows players to report people -- most especially the toxic ones -- for various reasons. This includes, but not limited to, Spam, Abusive Chat, Griefing and Cheating. Blizzard event went to cover the likes of Bad Battletag, Inactivity and Poor Teamwork. Clearly, the studio wants to make this system extensive while not being complicated.

To make it even easier for Overwatch players to understand each of the category, descriptions have been placed accordingly. Take for example Poor Teamwork: this one here is a bit vague and may mean a lot. However, in the system, it is defined as something as being a piece of work like not working on the objective or being verbally abusing. Reddit user by the name of Arsenal2454 made a short video out of the upcoming report system and so far, the players on the social media site are liking it.

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