69 New Emojis Are Coming In The Spring Of 2017

On Thursday, Emojipedia updated its page for Emoji 5.0. This update includes a complete list of new proposed emoji and additions such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, cricket, a mermaid and so much more. All these new set of emoji icons and creatures are technically still in its draft mode. However, Unicode is expected to unveil the final version somewhere in June.

Emojipedia is a reference website for emoji created by Jeremy Burge in 2013. Burge is well-known individual as "the world’s pre-eminent emoji specialist." As a preparation for the updated Emoji 5.0, the Emojipedia website documents changes to emoji symbols as well as their meanings listed in the Unicode Standard. According to statistics, the website of Emojipedia receives over 140 million pageviews per year. Because of that, it has been called as "the world’s number one resource on emoji".

As reported by CNET, Facebook on Thursday rolled out reactions with emojis in its Messenger app. Despite Facebook's effort, a report said that its nowhere near the range of the options that Emoji 5.0 will produce. Checking Twitter in order to see what account users thought about the upcoming emojis. So far, it seems like the single eyeglass head, called monocle emoji, is an early favorite.

The new Emoji 5.0 update that will be released soon is not yet the final draft. These current redundancies may still undergo further revisions and modifications before getting released in a few months. In addition to that, once all the emojis are actually out, smartphone users apparently won't get them until this coming fall.

As of today, Emojipedia has the 69 new emoji candidates on its website. All of it are rendered in an "Apple-like style" in order for the users to see what they could look when it is used in iMessage. Here are 10 out of the 69 emojis that we expect from the release.

  1. Bowl With Spoon
  2. Canned Food
  3. Billed Cap
  4. Curling Stone
  5. Gloves
  6. Broccoli
  7. Sandwich
  8. Sled
  9. Emojipedia
  10. Cut of Meat

For the complete list of the upcoming emojis, visit Business Insider.


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