T-Mobile Can Block Scam Callers, Releases New Feature For Free

One of the frustrations of owning a mobile phone is that calls can be made by an unknown number. And while there are times when the call is from someone that has changed their number or belongs to someone that has just been introduced to another, there is also the chance that it is just a spam caller. T-Mobile has just announced two new features for its subscribers that will minimize the frustration that comes with the possibility.

As BGR has explained, the first of the features is Scam ID. The technology behind the same has the ability to inform users when an incoming call is likely a scam. Meanwhile, the second is called Scam Block, which will outright block possible scam calls from ever being made to the mobile device.

The publication further explained that Scam ID and Scam Block are powered by patent-pending technology, which is built right into the advanced network. As such, the features will work on any and all users within T-Mobile's network. The telecom company explained that the as soon as the call reaches a number within its system, the patent-pending technology quickly analyzes it against a massive database of tens of thousands of known scam numbers.

This database is constantly updated almost in real time by further analyzing incoming calls to the T-Mobile network. Spam ID and Spam Block are already live and available for use, although only for ONE account subscribers at this point. Other users will be able to activate the feature beginning April 5. It is free as well, so there is hardly any harm in trying them out.

Android Police provided the various dialer codes that activate the features. To enable the Scam ID, it is "#664#," while Scam Block is "#663#." Meanwhile, to disable Scam Block, users can dial "#632#." In addition, dialing "#787#" will allow users to check their Scam Block status.

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