Resident Evil 7 Was Originally Meant To Play Like An Action Game

Capcom has shared a documentary revealing details about Resident Evil 7 including several cut content. Moreover, the survival horror game was actually supposed to play out like its previous installment.

Resident Evil 7 Was Meant To Be More Action-Based

According to Den of Geek UK, Capcom recently released a new video about the latest installment in the horror game franchise. There, producer Masachika Kawata claimed that they started developing the game with their mindset still focused on creating something similar to Resident Evil 6's action-packed mechanics. Although, the team shortly realized that their current approach was not going to work.

Because of this, executive producer Jun Takeuchi encouraged the development team to change the perspective to first-person while integrating some traditional survival horror mechanics. He believed that they could bring the best features from the franchise and bring them over using the modern technology available. Similarly, Takeuchi noted that he was aiming for The Evil Dead as an example of the title's specific horror style.

Features That Did Not Make The Cut

On the other hand, they also revealed some of the unique features that ultimately never made it into the game. One of these ideas was that the Baker family had a dog named Diane who was supposed to be present during the infamous dinner scene, as per VG247.

Furthermore, another concept was that the zombie-like creatures would have some sort of reaction to human breathing. The player could try and avoid confronting them by having the protagonist hold his breath using a button on the controller. There would then be a breath gauge, which would measure how much more they could hold it in. Players would then have to fight the monsters if they ran out of breath and were discovered.

Capcom decided to drop the idea as testers would often tense up and also hold their own breath during these sequences. Takeuchi noted how it was a good idea on paper but was quite dangerous when put into practice. He urged fans to watch out for the second part of the documentary, as they would put in footage of it there.

Resident Evil 7 has received praise from both fans and critics alike for its terrifying concepts and returning to its roots. Those who want to experience the terror can get a copy for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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