Google Talk Coming To An End, Focuses To Streamline Hangouts And More

Google's is pulling the plug on the Google Talk, and some features of the Gmail Labs and Google+. On the other hand, the company has finally finished putting a fix for the Pixel's Bluetooth Issue.

Google Talk, Hangouts, Gmail Labs And Google+

According to reports, the days of Google Talk are quickly coming to an end. The messaging service which allowed Gmail users to talk to each other will now be completely retired.

Even though Google has been trying to push Hangouts as its consumer messaging service over the last few year, many user still prefer to use the other chat app. However, it seems that the company has finally found a way by shutting down the Google Talk Android app which will begin in the summer.

But don't worry, for the people that's been "forcefully" moved to Hangouts, the said app is going through its own transition as well. Apparently, the company has been working to streamline the classic Hangouts product for enterprise users and will remove carriers SMS functionality in the classic Hangouts app for Android which will begin on May 22.

Furthermore, several Gmail Labs and a couple of Google+ features will also soon be retiring. For the Gmail Labs, features such as the Authentication Icon, Google Voice Player, Picassa previews, Pictures in chat, Quick Links, Quote Selected Text, Smartlabels, and Yelp previews will be removed. For Google+, it will be the ability to email Google+ profiles and the use of Google+ Circles.

Google Pixel's Bluetooth Issue

After releasing the security patch last month which surprisingly came with a connectivity issue where the Pixel's Bluetooth feature would turn off randomly even though the paired devices are within range, Google is reported to have finally finished putting a fix for it. Strangely enough, it will require no downloads or updates to the device or any app.

According to an article at BGR, the company has fixed the issue by making some "server-side changes" which is hard to say what it really is. The only thing that's clear as of the moment is that owners can now say goodbye to that pesky Bluetooth issue that's been terrorizing them for weeks.

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