‘Love Actually' Sequel Teaser Released, Director Confirms Return Of Main Characters

Arguably one of the greatest films ever created caught the fans off guard when the producers released a teaser about their sequel. “Love Actually” is a romantic comedy film which raises the bar in 2003 and fans are delighted to see its epic trailer.

‘Love Actually' Sequel Is Here

After years of speculation it is finally happening. The sequel to the romantic comedy “Love Actually” just produced numerous teasers and they are calling it “Red Nose Day Actually”. The cast and crew might be a little bit older right now but almost all of them are still in the groove. There were speculations before that main cast Hugh Grant, Kiera Knightley, and Liam Neeson won’t participate in the sequel. However, basing on the recent videos and confirmation from its director, fans might see the original core back in “Red Nose Day Actually”.

The Reunion

A reunion was also scheduled for “Love Actually” and it will be shown on May 25 only on ABC. Perhaps the timing is perfect for the cast and crew. The only problem is, “Love Actually” is missing one of the iconic artists the world has ever seen, Alan Rickman. The versatile actor might be famous for his portrayal of the role Snape in the “Harry Potter” Series but his role as Harry is one of his best in his storied career. Hugh Grant wowed the fans when the English actor displays his dance move in the tune of “Hotline Bling”.

The recent events in London shocked the world when an apparent attack happened few hours after a historic event. The suspect was already identified and London is visibly shaken. The main cast of the movie “Love Actually’ shared their thoughts about the recent terrorist acts. Hugh Grant spearheaded the movement and fans were grateful for A-listers showing their support in the community.

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