Duggar Family Update: New Relationships, Weddings And Lawsuit

There are so much to discuss when it comes to the Duggar family. Some of the family members might have shied away from the spotlight while others are making a comeback.

New Relationships Revealed

‘19 Kids And Counting’ is a reality TV series which follows a simple family in America. The only difference is, the Duggar family has a total of 19 kids in total. Each of the kids has different personality and lifestyle. This is probably the main reason why fans want more with the Duggar family. Jim Bob and Michelle stated before that they are blessed and happy with what they have and if the couple is given another chance to have a baby, they won’t hesitate to welcome it.

The latest family member who is involved in a new relationship is Joseph Duggar. Joseph is one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kid who almost gave way to his sisters in the previous episodes. As reported by People Magazine, Joseph Duggar is madly in love with Kendra Caldwell. What makes their relationship great is that their families are actually close friends.

Joy-Anna And Austin

On the other hand, Austin Forsyth is making a good impression towards the Duggar family. Forsyth is the boyfriend/fiancee of the youngest lady in the family, Joy-Anna. During their special segment, the Duggar family made a pact with Austin Forsyth. Their agreement is, Austin should “flip” five houses. It sounded strange and impossible when Austin heard it but currently, he is in its fourth house already.

Josh Duggar’s Lawsuit

Josh Duggar, on the other hand, is facing some crisis. The father-to-be just received multiple lawsuits due to identity theft. It is fully documented that the disgraced family member of the Duggar’s used to steal other profiles which he uses in online dating sites. Hopefully, Josh Duggar will be able to bounce back with the current setbacks that he is facing.

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