‘Westworld' Season 2 Updates: Ed Harris Not Thrilled About Samurai World; Thandie Newton's Revelation On Maeve

Fans will be psyched to find out that there are updates with the highly acclaimed HBO television series, “Westworld”. Just recently, the cast and the creators of the said show graced the PaleyFest in Los Angeles. They revealed how Ed Harris feels about the new worlds, the first host with free will, and many other things about the production of the new season.

Ed Harris Doesn’t Want To Be A Samurai

Ed Harris plays the role of the mysterious Man in Black in the “Westworld” series. His character is a rich and sadistic person who frequents the Westworld. At the recent PaleyFest in Los Angeles, Harris revealed that he wasn’t that thrilled about the possibility of a Samurai World, which was teased to be one of the worlds that the series will explore.

Harris said that he simply does not want the Man in Black being in a samurai suit and he wants his character to stay out of that world. He explained that he wants to portray his character just as he was made to be, just the Man in Black wearing a cowboy hat, and he doesn’t think it’ll work out with his character donning a samurai outfit. He further explained that if the Man in Black goes into the Samurai World then that means he’ll have to fight and that doesn’t suit well to his character, too.

First Host With Free Will Revealed

Thandie Newton, who also attended the recent PaleyFest, talked about the finale of “Westworld” Season 1. The final episode of that season was iconic because it revealed Maeve Millay, the character that Newton plays, getting off the train and disobeying her orders, most likely to save her daughter. Fans have been wondering whether Maeve was programmed to do that or it was her own decision to flee.

Newton revealed that Maeve acted on free will and in fact, she was the first host to exercise free will. Newton explained that the train scene was an emotional one for her because it was the birth of free will. With this, Dolores, whom the show have convinced fans was the center of the whole self-awareness thing, was actually not the first one to realize what’s really happening.

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