Shiny Magikarp's Arrival To Pokemon GO Actually Means Something Big

Over the course of few weeks, Pokémon GO has once again captured the hearts of many. This is following Niantic's release of new updates; among those introduced is the Shiny update. In particular, this update put one of the most underrated creature in the spotlight - the Magikarp. Surprisingly, what most fans do not know is that this actually means something big.

As noted by WCCFTech, the studio unleashed the newest Pokémon GO event called Water Festival a few days back. In order to keep its momentum afloat, the developers decided to make a follow-up, which the addition of the aforementioned rare Pokémon. It is worth noting, however, that this event is slated to close its curtains come March 29. Until then, players have the chance to catch more water-type creatures.

Interestingly, the addition of the Shiny Magikarp in Pokémon GO is among the heavily requested features or events from the community. Although the odds of capturing these pocket monsters (same with Gyarados) may seem a bit slim, it is still a fun addition to experience. Enthusiasts suggest that the shiny creature is one in every 4,096 chances or encounters.

Express, however, reports that the introduction of the above-mentioned beast in Pokémon GO is a sign that more things, bigger in scope, are coming. That Niantic is set to introduce features and/or systems that will put the game's reputation further. Hence, this year is believed to be the most exciting year for the fandom. Among this is no other than the Trading feature, which most players have been wanting to get hold of set day one.

Niantic already confirmed the forthcoming arrival of the said feature to Pokémon GO. Unfortunately, as of this writing, they can't give a specific release date. It will introduce a mechanic in which players are only allowed to do trades with others that are near them. In a sense, trading internationally will not work.

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