Apparently, Lapras Is Still The Rarest In Latest Pokemon GO Event

There are still a lot of reason to love and play Pokémon GO, one of the best and most popular mobile game apps of today. For instance, there is a new event that players can celebrate and enjoy. Between these, there is this longing to know which Pokémon will take the spotlight during this activity. Well, believe it or not, the rarest is still Lapras.

The said Pokémon GO event was a surprise, as Niantic did not entirely make a big reveal beforehand. It's called Water Festival, but the only catch, unlike the previous events, this one here has no real-time celebration or holiday to be tied into. Nonetheless, this does not stop the community from being excited and overwhelmed.

As the name speaks, the Water Festival is meant to highlight all the water-type creatures in Pokémon GO. While it is not as huge as the ones in the past, it's said to have boosted (once again) the game's popularity on the app store. This only goes to show that players are really into such activity. Hence, the studio must do something to capitalize it.

According to Forbes, many believe that the rarest Pokémon GO creature for the current event is either the red Gyarados or the golden Magikarp. It turns out Lapras is still the one sitting on the throne. Some expected that this specie can easily be captured in the current event, unfortunately, it is not. However, Niantic revealed that the chances of getting this specie will be higher -- at least for the entirety of the Water Festival.

In related Pokémon GO news, Recode reports that the total number of American people playing the game has been on a steady climb. Apparently, millions are still venturing the wilds, trying to capture all sort of Pokémon out there. This is actually surprising, given the fact that the game was in a significant decline in the past few months. Well, it seems the love for Pokémon continues to grow.

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