Niantic Finally Gives Easy Access To Evolution Items In Pokemon GO

By Alvin Elfwine , Mar 23, 2017 04:16 AM EDT

It holds true that Pokémon GO is still one of the most popular mobile games of today. In fact, no other gaming app has been able to dethrone Niantic's title totally. Apparently though, most players will agree that it lacks a couple of features. Or perhaps, there are things that could be improved to make it even more interesting. Well, fortunately, the studio understood this, as acquiring evolution items has now become a much easier than before.

According to Forbes, the latest Pokémon GO update the studio released allows players to obtain at least one evolution item whenever they decide to visit a PokeStop. And take note, this can be done on a daily basis, seven times straight in a week. Therefore, if players resort to visiting stop every day, they will be able to accumulate a good number of these items.

It is worth noting that Niantic has already implemented such system in the past. The only catch, however, is that there's no guarantee of obtaining an evolution item. It could simply be a candy or something if players were not that lucky enough. This update is really a game changer, as players have been clamoring for such change to happen.

In Pokémon GO, evolution items have become quite significant as players would definitely want to evolve their pocket monsters. However, previously, it was more of a pain in the head. First and foremost, they were simply put in PokeStops as random items. As a result, the chance of acquiring them is close to none. Second and more importantly, if players are able to get one, it is not the best among the evolutions items.

SlashGear, on the other hand, reports that the update is also meant to ready the game for an upcoming event called Pokémon GO Water Festival, which is set to last for a week. As the name suggests, it will involve all water type creatures, most especially the ones that are rarely accessible by players. And if this is case, it's not impossible for Gyarados to take over a couple of gyms over the entirety of the event.

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