For Honor On Nintendo Switch Is Just Simply Impossible

For Honor has become an easy favorite of most players nowadays, especially those who love the art of sword fighting and more. While this is a known fact since day one, its popularity, however, has slowly deterred. This is due to many reasons such as continuous exploits and issues. Nonetheless, the community's interest is still tightly intact. The fans believe that this game will soon have its own day. Believe it or not, some of them are already suggesting that Ubisoft should bring this game to Nintendo Switch.

The said hybrid console has been a heavy topic over the course of few months. It quickly became a topic within the gaming industry, with developers showing their interest towards the console. However, the possibility of running a particular game on it relies on various factors. This is among the things the developers of For Honor have thought of.

According to Daily Star, Ubisoft's very own CEO Yves Guillemot said that Nintendo Switch is an incredible invention. Apart from singing praises, he also teased something interesting about the studio's pipeline in the future. He iterated that the studio's development teams are creating games for the console, as they are "inspired" by the new possibilities it brings. He even mentioned how happy they are that their work with Nintendo continues to do great things.

This is when For Honor fans thought that the game might considered to be an option for Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, this is not something that the studio wants to happen (or perhaps for now). The video game company's Creative Director named Jason VandenBerghe, has ruled out the idea of such.

VandenBerghe admitted that, as of now, the studio is not focused in bringing For Honor to the highly talked about console. It is their goal to keep the game afloat, especially with the various issues it has been facing these past few weeks. Among these things are the great discounts the studio brought to reach new audiences, as reported by PCGamesN. The title is basically at a 50 percent off on Steam, thanks to the company's sale event.

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