For Honor Director Addresses Expensive Emotes, Says It Isn't About Unlocking

Just recently, the titular video game company Ubisoft released a new update to For Honor. It introduced the so-called emotes, which have somehow made the game a little bit more interesting (or perhaps for those who have the means to buy or obtain them). Apparently, they are quite expensive to acquire. This is when players started airing out their concerns, suggesting that years are required for items to be unlocked in the game. Interestingly, the game's very own director has shared his views, addressing the concerns from the community.

According to Kotaku, the For Honor director named Damien Kieken has responded to all the concerns players threw (on social media sites) about the game's pricey emotes. His answers came from a livestream, which has been transcribed by the publication. He mentioned about them not having the very intention for players "to unlock everything in the game."

Kieken pointed out that Ubisoft's title is somewhat similar to World of Warcraft, only that they applied the RPG mechanics and standards into a fighting game. He continued to suggest that these kinds of games are meant for a very different reason. Unfortunately, unlocking stuff and/or character is not part of it.

The aforementioned For Honor director admitted that they have already expected players to play more than one character. And because of this, they were able to specifically design and create the game. The cosmetic items -- regardless of what people think of it -- are merely items. They are just there as endgame content, as explained by Kieken.

He iterated that the items are something that players should not be bothered of. Yes, they are there; however, they should only be unlocked after several weeks of playing and should not take the fun of playing the game. Players don't necessarily have to burden themselves in unwrapping them. Kieken went on to say that, it is their job to release more contents, to provide more choices.

It should be noted that the concerns surfaced after For Honor players found out that microtranscations could take two and a half years for them to be acquired. PC Gamer reports that these items are so expensive that it is unlikely for players to obtain them in one single sitting. That it will literally involve a great amount of grinding and stuff.

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