Ubisoft Releases Latest For Honor Update, Upgrades Game's Performance

Almost every For Honor player will agree that the game is broken in one way or another. That it has a couple of issues, and though not that plenty, they are still noticeable. Simply put, Ubisoft needs to determine and fix them, which is exactly what the studio did on the latest update of the tile. Not only did they improve the game's overall performance, they also did some tweaks to upgrade the stability.

According to PVP Live, the latest update of the game focuses on the stability of matchmaking as well as issues on connectivity. It's called Patch 1.04, with the main goal of putting the game's overall performance to greater heights. Apart from these improvements, the developers also fixed a glitch called the Conqueror graphical glitch. The latter emerged following the release of the last update of the game.

The new For Honor patch went live after Ubisoft took the servers down. It was meant for maintenance to pave the way for the update. It first came to PC and PlayStation 4, with Xbox One being the last (it'll arrive next week). This was explained by the video game company via the game's official Twitter page.

The update on Microsoft's gaming system, however, is a tad different from the other version of For Honor. For instance, there is now an added functionality that will either enable or disable invites. Players who, in one way or another, tend to be in a state of not being able to join will no longer be able to send invites. This is when they are on Story Mode, Loading Screens and Practicing, among others, as reported by PlayStationLifeStyle. Lastly, the game invite options will no longer grey out if a slot is free or available.

It is worth noting that Ubisoft is planning to introduce a total of six maps and six heroes as part of the post-launching scheme for For Honor. These will be released to the game across three forthcoming Seasons. While it's true that unlocking heroes in-game is free, Season Pass owners are able to acquire them -- with instant unlock -- a week before.

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