Ark: Survival Evolved Players Believe This Is The Most Useless Feature So Far

Like any other games, Ark: Survival Evolved also excels due to factors that are quite unique within the industry. For instance, it has features that no other game -- even in its circle of genre -- can offer or be at par with. However, like any other games as well, it could sometimes share the same kind of useless feature. Perhaps, fans will agree that there are things in Studio Wildcard's game just don't really hold interest. This is exactly what most players on social media are talking about, referring to a particular feature.

In a Reddit post from user Call_Me_Professor, he pointed out what appeared to be a useless thing in the game. It's no other than the dinos way of sticking their heads out directly in the middle of something. As the player iterated, this is the biggest nuisance in the game so far. This, among the number of bugs or exploits, is just simply killing the game.

It is worth noting though, that the aforementioned has already been brought up to the developers of Ark: Survival Evolved at Studio Wildcard. Obviously, the studio did not do something about it. That perhaps, they did not find it totally disturbing, contrary to what other players are saying on social media sites.

Another Ark: Survival Evolved player replied on the thread and agreed that "it is the most useless feature ever." That, in one way or another, it never served an interesting purpose other than waste the time of players. The community suggests that if the studio won't resort to removing it, at least they can offer an option in which players can disable it totally. There is even an instance when players try to build something on brontos and they got knocked off because the dinos just tend to stuck out their heads.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, the official site of the game has just released the latest edition of the Community Crunch. It's number 87, which announces the arrival of the new Evolution Event Weekend. It will go live until next week Monday (27th) at 12 PM EST.

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