Ark: Survival Evolved Devs Reveal Reason Behind Not Releasing Statement About Server Wipes

Ark: Survival Evolved was not in a good shape lately, as it experienced a couple of issues and exploitations. Worst, Studio Wildcard had to resort in wiping the game's servers in order to battle this stuff. While the purpose of doing so is on a positive note, the community did not accept it wholeheartedly. This eventually led to frustrations and/or disappointments, most especially that players were not informed about the process beforehand. Most of the progress they made ended up being stripped off.

The truth of the matter is, the video game company did not opt to release any official statement, which should allow players to understand why such situation happened (or if it will ever happen again). As a result, some were afraid to log back thinking that everything might just become useless, as there is a possibility of another wipe. A Reddit user by the name of HTOMario, pointed this out while jokingly asking the studio if whether or not he should feed his 20-30 dinos. Why? Well, because there might be a possibility of another wipe and he does not want to put that into waste.

Surprisingly, one of the Ark: Survival Evolved community moderators named jatonreddit replied to the player. He said that they intentionally avoided "releasing a statement," as they want to ensure first that the patch that will battle the exploit is up and ready. He explained, however, that players should not worry about another wipe, especially with reports about various duplicate bugs surfacing. That instead, they will work on determining and removing them.

The said moderator also shared the process they've been doing in countering banned players from the game. It is worth noting that most players were skeptical about this, as banned players can simply buy a new copy and create another account, allowing them to log back into the game as if nothing happened. Studio Wildcard is said to be developing a particular method that will restrict such workaround.

Unfortunately for Ark: Survival Evolved players, jatonreddit mentioned that server wipes will continue to happen if they find the need to. He even went to point out what they did previously when multiple tribes, tames and bases, among others, were wiped across the servers. It is safe to say that Studio Wildcard is willing to go beyond the call of duty just to keep the game bug and exploit free.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, a new patch has been released to the game's Xbox One version, as reported by Express. This update was unleashed following the patch the video game company did for PlayStation 4. This patch, in particular, is more of bringing performance improvements rather than the casual addition of dinos or features. It is meant to solve various issues such as controller shutdown being not able to kill the application.

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