Ark: Survival Evolved Players Say Unique ID System Can Battle Dupes

There is no doubt that Ark: Survival Evolved is a great game. Most will even agree that it has the potentials to become a massive franchise in the years to come. However, this greatness can be overlooked when certain issues surface. This is exactly what happened to Studio Wildcard's title, which was plagued with exploitations such as dupes. Apparently, players on social media believe that there is an answer to this -- a unique ID system, that is.

In a Reddit post from user xenocidic, he pointed out that if Ark: Survival Evolved only has a feature that offers unique ID system, the duplication schemes can easily be prevented. That's because the developers can simply delete any of the items that have, well, duplicates. It is really a straightforward answer to a not-so complicated issue. But still, the question here is if such system -- if implemented -- becomes way too heavy for the servers' overall infrastructure.

Another user by the name of Sum-Duud said that this is something that the developers of Ark: Survival Evolved should have considered right from the start. He iterated that it is a no-brainer especially if one plans to run a MMO. Unfortunately, given what is happening now, the said system can be a bit hard to implement.

In reality, there is hope for this duplication issue to be resolved in Ark: Survival Evolved. Studio Wildcard can resort to introduce the ID system once the official version of the game is released. Right now, mid-way through the game's existence, the process can be difficult. It may even take up the developers' time, which should rather be focused on other significant things.

In other related news, the latest update for Ark: Survival Evolved has arrived to Xbox One, as reported by Express. This patch basically put the console equal to PlayStation 4 and PC. However, Microsoft's gaming platform acquired the biggest change yet. That is because performance upgrades were done such as maximizing the GPU-usage time. There's even an added percentage of 15 in terms of again following the replacement of various codes for the Optimise Task Graph threading & RHI systems.

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