‘The Amazing Race' 2017: New Rules, New Teams, All Strangers

By Dez Bryant , Mar 27, 2017 06:00 AM EDT

The reality show is again back with a big surprise. “The Amazing Race” will pull out a hat trick as the producers of the show decided to change their rules, pairings, and casting.

Usually, when fans hear or watch “The Amazing Race”, the pair is made up of best friends, brothers, sisters, other family members, and co-workers. This season will be a lot different. Apparently, the producers will again show to the world their creativity starting on casting the show.

Let The Games Begin

According to reports, the producers made the decision to make a drastic change to maximize the show's popularity. The host of the show Phil Keoghan also chimed in with the rule change. During his recent interview, Keoghan said that pairing two complete strangers is a gambling experiment. However, the host is positive about the changes and is excited to see what is going to happen.

This season, teams will travel to 9 countries which were discussed prior to the cast being completed. Among the countries announced is Norway, Greek Canal, and Tanzania. The contestants will travel beyond the norm as expected. The list of contestants was also revealed and there are two contestants who are capable of surviving anything. Most of the contestants this year are at their late 20’s.

Contestants Are More Than Ready

Some of the contestants were already interviewed. Becca Droz who is from Colorado states that she always wanted to compete in the show with a family member. However, with the rule change, she was more eager to join the race. Becca Droz is also a professional Boulder Rock Climbing Instructor.

On the other hand, a police officer who is adept in training K-9 will make its presence. Jessica Shield from Ohio shared why competing in “The Amazing Race” will be easy for her. “The Amazing Race” will begin on March 30 at 10 P.M Eastern.

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