Seems Like Overwatch Players Are Making A New Type Of Competitive Match

Overwatch can become a very stressful activity especially if players are trying to climb ranks in competitive matches. However, some fans have seemingly found a less stressful yet strange competition in the game.

Speedrunning In Overwatch Is The New Craze

The Hero Gallery is a staple feature in the game, as it not only allows players to customize their characters but also pass the time when searching for a game. In the latter cases, fans would usually scroll through each hero screen and randomly check up on a certain hero. However, due to some strange turn of events, fans are now making a competition around it.

According to PCGamesN, players are tracking their time on the screen and posting the best ones on the internet. One fan started the trend by uploading a video wherein they successfully dragged their mouse across the thin line between the two rows of hero cards without actually hitting one. Because of this, they supposedly held the very first world record for doing this at 32.12 seconds.

Their "challenge" managed to draw the attention of other netizens as they also began doing the "speedrun." Now, one player beat the previous world records with his 53-millisecond run.

The Current Meta And Various Tools

Since its recent popularity surge, some fans have claimed that the hero gallery UI makes an invigorating sport as it often changes every few months, as per PVP Live. They have even talked about the possibility of a "drag method meta" and the differences when using either the controller, mousepad or touchscreen.

Overall, the simple game is just a way for players to simply unwind after the stress that comes with every competitive season. For players, there are times when they take their activities a bit too seriously and forget that games are there to help them unwind. With this in mind, it seems like this new Overwatch "sport" might be taking over the game soon enough.

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