Something's Just Wrong With Pokemon GO After The Recent Update

Pokémon GO has slowly built a love and hate relationship with other players over time. This is due to factors such as bugs and lack of significant features. Nevertheless, Niantic has continued to do its job of introducing updates after updates, keeping the interest of the community afloat. Unfortunately, the game became a little bit messed up following the arrival of the latest patch.

Recently, the studio introduced the newest Pokémon GO event called the Water Festival. The latter was accompanied by the Shiny Pokemon, though players barely catch these creatures. Apparently, the update used to bring these became the root cause of never-before-seen bugs, as reported by BGR. For the community, this is definitely a hard one to chew.

It holds true that most, if not all, of the bugs don't necessarily break the very core of Pokémon GO. Among these is the Nearby tab having to randomly go on blank, suggesting that players are violating the game's speed limit when not. Add to this the fact that performing typical actions eat a little bit of time. For instance, once a Pokémon has been tapped, encounters tend to take more time than usual. Heck, even the spawning of creatures are quite longer.

The mess does not stop here in Pokémon GO. There are players who discovered that sorting through gyms quickly will result to the app crashing. And the most heartbreaking of this all? Well, connectivity issues are even prominent, something that players -- especially the ones who utilize the Plus device - get to experience more often now.

As of this writing, Niantic has yet to release a patch that will fix these bugs in Pokémon GO. They remain a nuisance and players will have to endure them until the studio finds a solution. This might take a time, though. Why? That's because the company is said to be prepping things for the release of the Legendary creatures, as reported by Birmingham Mail.

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