Ark: Survival Evolved Mod Program Update 2, Community Crunch 87 In A Nutshell

Ark: Survival Evolved, without a doubt, has one of the best communities in the gaming industry. Fans continue to share stuff about the game -- be it tips or guides. No wonder Studio Wildcard would take advantage of it by way of creating a gig that will channel updates straight to the fandom. This is no other than the Community Crunch.

In the official site of Ark: Survival Evolved, the video game company has announced the existence of the latest edition (87th) of the Community Crunch. The second update of the Mod Programs has also been revealed. This is where the developers tend to share anything significant about the game, including contests and whatnots.

First on the list is the Evolution Event Weekend, which has already been live on all Ark: Survival Evolved versions (PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). All servers, as long as they are official, will receive interesting, revolutionary changes such as 1.5x boost on Harvesting, Taming and EXP rates. The cool part here is that these figures are on top on what appears to be a staple already -- the 2x rates.

Apart from the aforementioned, the second highly anticipated update for the Ark: Survival Evolved Mod Program has already been announced. The ARK Moon Survival Team, in particular, is on the go and is set to bring interesting stuff. Aside from the already confirmed custom character model, the team is believed do some customization works on motion capturing. These are things that players should be really excited about.

Various screenshots of the things being worked on the Mod Program have been posted. And believe it or not, they look very enticing. The modding community promised that these will all be a huge treat to the fans of Studio Wildcard's latest iteration.

The latest Community Crunch edition and Mod Program update was also announced on the official Reddit page of Ark: Survival Evolved. While most are definitely excited, there are players who are looking for other stuff. The Primal Survival, for instance, as players have said to have been waiting for such since day one.

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