For Honor Players Anticipate Upcoming Livestream, Want Big Changes

For Honor from Ubisoft quickly gained appreciation from gamers, most especially those who love fighting-themed titles. However, most will agree that the game has been on steady plummet since then. Players find the game a bit more exhausting now compared to before. This is due to factors such as bugs and issues, which are things that continue to exist in the game. Add to this the promised features and whatnots that, unfortunately, have yet to find themselves in the title.

A Reddit user by the name of MDEARING posted a detailed explanation of the things he's expecting from the developers of For Honor during its upcoming livestream. He mentioned about what "an amazing IP" the game is along with the fact that it has "unlimited potentials." He even went to say just how lucky the studio is for having hungry market.

Unfortunately for the community, Ubisoft seems not to care at these things at all. Basically, MDEARING was pointing out how the studio has been handling the game since day one. That they have all the date and resources needed and yet nothing significant has been made. For instance, the devs promised the arrival of weekly content; however, it is the third week since that announcement and not a single shadow of these can be seen.

The aforementioned For Honor player also iterated the lacking maps of the game, something that the video game company has also promised. Not to mention here the fact that most, if not all, of the current maps have their own issues to share. Simply put, there are just a couple of things that Ubisoft needs to address, especially the ones they already promised to do so.

The upcoming For Honor livestream is where the players want to see or hear the changes announced. Another Reddit player even jokes about going for the latest Ringed City DLC of Dark Souls 3 and forget that Ubisoft's title even exist. This, of course, if no changes or updates ever happen. Currently, the game is headlining the studio's sale, giving interested buyers discount percentage (if they want to buy it), as reported by GameZone.

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