Ark: Survival Evolved Inventory Menu Is Getting A Huge Upgrade

Almost all Ark: Survival Evolved players will agree that the game still needs improvements -- a lot actually. After all, it's yet to be on its full version, thus one can expect to find a fault or two. Interestingly, the developers at Studio Wildcard are planning for a major upgrade this week. It's going to hit the game's inventory menu, giving it a huge redesign boost.

According to PC Gamer, the upcoming upgrade to the said feature in Ark: Survival Evolved was announced by no other than Jeremy Stieglitz. He is basically the lead designer, lead programmer and co-creative director of the game. He revealed on his official Twitter account that v256 will introduce the "first major menu redesign." The studio plans to completely overhaul the Inventory UI, particularly on its visual and function.

Stieglitz made a follow up via the said social media site and posted an image featuring the new Ark: Survival Evolved Inventory Menu. Not only was it upgraded in the aesthetic side of things, more functionalities have also been added. For instance, right-click context menus will now be a thing. Interested players can see it here.

It is worth noting that this upgrade has long been overdue. The video game company, thanks to its community's feedback, has been thinking about doing and releasing the changes. Apparently, it took them a while before anything can be materialized, but finally, it's here.

The forthcoming Ark: Survival Evolved update is not just about redesigning the game's UI. New set of dinos are also expected to arrive. These includes Equus, Leedsichthys, Ichthyornis and Iguanodon. New TEK structures and mechanics are also expected such as TEK Underwater Bases, TEK Teleporter and TEK Mosa Saddle. Included in the patch notes is the so-called TEK Power Generator along with a nerf on the flyer. Lastly, Studio Wildcard is bringing the Aquatic and Amphibious Creature Breeding. The patch, in particular, is coming this Thursday, March 30.

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