New Pokemon GO Patch Lists Bugs, Brings Short-Term Fixes

By Alvin Elfwine , Mar 29, 2017 05:00 AM EDT

There is no question about Niantic wanting to bring Pokémon GO to a whole new level. And yes, this is exactly what the studio has been doing for the past few weeks, releasing updates after updates. Unfortunately, it's not always moonlight and roses. Why? That's because these patches, in one way or another, come with a good number of bugs or issues.

The latest event to arrive to Pokémon GO via an update is the Water Festival. Here, it increased the chances of players getting water-type creatures -- be it rare or not. They were also given the opportunity to experience the thrill of finding the Shiny Magikarp in the wild. Some were able to, some were not just lucky enough. Regardless, the bugs that arrived were simply frustrating.

According to PokémonGO Hub, the most common bugs players have experienced since the introduction of the latest patch are the Sightings Tabs and the Radar (suddenly fades to black). Obviously, this is a hard one to chew for players, as they are having a hard time locating a pocket monster. The bug make it even impossible for them to determine what sort of creature is nearby, let alone catch it. Some players suggest that by going straight to the journal tab and then exiting, there is a huge chance that it will reset the Sightings Tab back to its normal state.

Frustratingly, the amount of bugs in Pokémon GO does not stop here. The game has also experienced tons of lag and/or connectivity issues. There are even slow encounters at the get-go in which a lag happens when a Pokémon suddenly shows up. Players are also reporting disconnection whenever they try to enter gyms or PokeStops. Mic reports that all of these can be traced back to Niantic's official servers. It only means that the studio really needs to do some hardware upgrades.

Reports say that Niantic is currently working on a patch that will introduce the respective fixes for the aforementioned issues. As of this writing, however, no specific date has been revealed. So, in a sense, players will have to bear all of these nuisances for now.

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