This For Honor Hero Is Not Getting A Spot In Tournaments

For Honor, in one way or another, is a unique fighting game that offers a different take on the most commonly used genre. With such, it will only be a matter of time before this Ubisoft game becomes an easy favorite in tournaments. Apparently though, one of the game's character is going to take the backseat if such scenario happens. Which character and why?

According to PC Gamer, the aforementioned For Honor character is no other than the Peacekeeper. This dagger-wielding hero does not only move fast, but is also capable trading plate armor for in a very mean way. These feature make her a nightmare in the battlefield. Those characters who carryout huge damage are merely papers.

The said For Honor character is light in terms of attacks, but make no mistake, as they can come in a blink of an eye. Players believe that these capabilities will make her a difficult one to defend against. This not to mention the fact that she is also capable of delivering huge blows while sapping an enemy's health after hitting.

Clint44mag of MLG Forums suggest that due to Peacekeeper's ability in For Honor, she sadly lacks in the diversity department. The latter, as what the user explains, is the kind of thing that tournaments require or at least need. He further iterates that Ubisoft's title is all about a fighting genre created in a way that will utilize one's mind and condition opponents. Unfortunately, with the previously mentioned character's entry, these can easily be taken for granted.

Peacekeeper, as what most pro players suggest, can easily be utilized in For Honor. One just need to spam her light attacks, which, most of the time, result to great hits. This one alone does not need any expertise, as a newbie can merely use it overnight. With her skills and capabilities, she is the kind of character that players would not want to mess up on 1 vs. 1.

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