‘Attack On Titan' Season 2 Update: Manga Creator Planned Various Rash Endings; Marco's Death And Beast Titan Teased

“Attack On Titan” Season 2 is set to air next month, continuing where it left off in the first season. A new full trailer has been released featuring the Beast Titan. Moreover, manga creator Hajime Isayama has shared how it was working on the story of the new season.

“Attack On Titan” Endings Will Be Better

In a recent interview, the creator of the original manga series of “Attack on Titan”, Hajime Isayama has revealed that he has originally planned various irresponsible and rash endings for the said series. However, thanks to the anime adaptation, he was able to change his mind about it and promised to put in better endings that the story deserves. Hajime Isayama further revealed that he actually regretted some of the scenes in the story after reading them and if he could, he would have changed them. The manga is still ongoing and the recent chapter has just begun tackling the present situation in Marley.

He said that he could have done better with them but he didn’t know then because he wasn’t aware of how fans or readers viewed the story of the manga. He admitted that if it wasn’t for the anime series adaptation, he wouldn’t have seen the story in a new light. He also revealed that right now, he is enjoying working on the manga, even had fun making the recent chapter, which was chapter 91, and emphasized that “Attack on Titan” is practically his life, that’s why he wants it to be really good.

Marco’s Death, Ymir’s Role, And The Rise Of The Beast Titan

Hajime Isayama said that he is looking forward to Ymir’s role being put into life in the anime adaptation of “Attack on Titan”. Those who have been following the manga would know that Ymir possesses one of the powers of the nine original titans. Her role is also crucial because it opens up the story that leads to the truth about Krista’s real identity as well as Reiner and Bertholt’s origins.

Isayama is also excited about the reveal on Marco’s death, which has been one of the devastating and mysterious twists in “Attack on Titan” Season 1. Marco’s death is also crucial because this scene reveals Annie’s true feelings on the invasion of the walled city of Paradis, which is quite opposite of what her fellow titans, Reiner and Bertholt feel. As previewed in the new full trailer, the appearance of the Beast Titan is one of the turning point of the story, too, since he is linked to the invasion and Krista’s origins. Sadly, the appearance of the Beast Titan, who shows utmost intelligence even in that form, will result to deaths of many characters, including the main one.

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