'Quantico' Unoffically Renewed By ABC? Season 2's Reset Finally Boosting Ratings

"Quantico's" suffering from its slumping ratings has finally been ended by the series' reboot. The numbers generated by the show's single timeline has indeed increased and it is translating to its success as new rumors claim that the show is already renewed for season 3. However, the deal is not yet official and the announcement about the renewal is yet to be made.

Fans of Priyanka Chopra and her ABC crime flick have long been feeling worried about the future of "Quantico." The drama has been headlined multiple times on cancellation reports, following its dropping ratings, and even showrunner Josh Safran previously said that "Quantico" season 3 is still uncertain. These talks were then hyped when Priyanka recently updated fans through social media about the filming status of "Quantico" season 2 writing that the set was full of emotions during the wrap-up.

However, a recent report claims that a source revealed that ABC Studios and Josh Safran already came up with a deal to renew "Quantico" for season 3 after the drama somehow regained a relative portion of its viewers when it came back on air with a single timeline. Furthermore, it was also said that Priyanka Chopra already signed a contract to do the next season and the good news will be officially announced sometime in May. It is suggested though for fans to take these updates with a grain of salt until ABC drops a formal statement about the American flick.

Meanwhile, "Quantico" season 2 has taken a risky step to restart in the mid of airing episodes by letting the past timeline catch up with the future. Fans have seen a whole new arc of "Quantico" which Josh Safran previously told will allow new viewers to follow the story without having to binge watch the past episodes. The show has also declared to follow a Trump-inspired arc and sway from the initial terrorism plot that it started for season 2. New actors including supermodel Jon Kortajarena were tapped to reportedly help the show boost its ratings.

Apparently, "Quantico" has done a good job at going back on track as its less than 2.5 million viewers went up to more than three million viewers as soon as the second half went on air. The new episodes are also receiving more positive reviews which the team hopes to maintain until the installment finishes. Fans then can wait for some good news to come in the following weeks about the seemingly brighter future of Priyanka Chopra's "Quantico."

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