'Quantico' Hopes To Lengthen Its Life By Bringing In A Supermodel And Tackling Trump Arc Instead Of Terrorism

ABC's "Quantico" is one of the many shows on T.V. that is probably expected by many viewers to get canceled soon. After losing a relatively huge percentage of its viewers, the show placed an effort to revive the status of the show by leaving its confusing multiple timelines. Yet again, it is hoping to redeem itself by signing a supermodel that might have a huge fan base and following a Trump arc that has a lot of people intrigued.

"Quantico" Gets A Supermodel Front

"Quantico" recently signed supermodel Jon Kortajarena to add to the appeal of actress Priyanka Chopra. Kortajarena will play as the political operative and senior legislative assistant for the Speaker of the House, Felix Cordova. The character is reportedly making its first appearance in episode 17 which will air in April. Many fans are already reportedly excited to see the actor join Priyanka and see how his charms will push up the ratings of the show.

"Quantico" Introduces Its Version Of Trump Administration

After "Quantico" decided to terrorize the New York City, it is now delving into a more real-life arc with Pres. Donald Trump and its inner circle as inspirations of the show. "Quantico" season 2's reset already kicked off last Monday and its remaining 8 episodes will tackle more of the present administration.

"We're in sort of a paradigm shift for the show," showrunner Josh Safran told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. "We're now looking at the ways in which people profit off of terror and it allows us to build a plot around something that is real and possible," he continued.

The previous episode of "Quantico saw Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) and the other agents taking in a new task from the president which is to uncover the terrorist attacks. The story will continue with the show's own version of the Pizzagate incident. Future episodes are also said to touch the Muslim registry order and a Donald Trump-inspired character will make his entrance in the show. More characters are set to join "Quantico" which will represent Steve Bannon, Paul Ryan and other important personalities in the Trump administration.

Following this shift in plot, Safran reportedly wonders whether fans will respond to the political conversations that might be happening in the House and the Senate in real life. He also said that he is wondering whether fans will find the arc entertaining and if it will be able to attract new fans. However, fans should not expect the whole reality being exposed in the show as the showrunner said they do not have records of facts in the government.

"We decided that we were going to do speculative fiction as opposed to staying very close to reality because we knew we could never keep up with reality," Safran explained. The showrunner also recognized the fact that there are already too many shows on T.V. tackling Donald Trump but said that he is not focusing on the ratings right now.

Safran also teased some parts of the new episodes revealing that the FBI and CIA agents will figure out the parties behind the previous terror attacks and will end the season exposing these people. Josh Safran though might have just confessed that he is not sure about the show's future. He teased the "Quantico" season 2 ending which he said will function as the series and season finale.

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