‘Prison Break’ EP Hints A Probable Comeback For Season Six! Here’s What You Have To Know

Prison Break casts and lead star Wentworth Miller along with some of the show's creatives was present at Paley Center's PaleyLive event to speak on the show's upcoming fifth season. However, before the panel discussion has even started, a significant number of its fans have already been given the chance to see the first episode, ahead of its April 4 premiere on Fox. While no detail is given as to how it has been made possible, the first episode picks up seven years later from where season 4 left off as the character of Lincoln played by Dominic Purcell discovers his brother Michael played by Miller is alive.

According to Digital Spy, if the show's production had gone to all the trouble of bringing the main character back from the dead, it seemingly looks like that there's a chance of more from the Prison Break saga. Although its producer, Paul Scheuring reportedly wanted to wait until the show starts to premiere on April 4 before making his next steps, he admitted that it's still all up to Fox's decision since another season wouldn't be possible unless they felt it was within their interest. In one of his statements, Scheuring cites creative integrity as another important factor and that on their part, if they could arrive at a story that they feel to be worthwhile, he claims that it will really be possible.

Meanwhile, as per Deadline, when asked about the possibility of a sixth season, Scheuring reportedly kept mum about the show's stand. Additionally, Purcell seemed to have shared the same sentiments saying that only if it was paying homage to the Prison Break legend, then there would be no questions at all. Ultimately, the lead star had described the nine episodes as a potentially satisfying way to fade to black but if there's going to be some idea that will be exciting, and provide that it could also stand beside those that came before these episodes, he would be open to doing it.


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