'Frozen' Should Have Ended Differently! Original Storyline Surprisingly Revealed

Following after the movie's winning of two Oscars and grossed more than $1 billion at the box office, Disney's Frozen have undeniably captured the hearts of its fans due to its charming storyline. However, unlike what people have known, Frozen should have ended differently and wasn't supposed to have such a warm ending. Far away from its very idealistic ending, Disney producer Peter Del Vecho has revealed that the animated film's characters were changed a number of times before they have been completely determined, with Elsa being meant as the pure evil queen and wasn't even related to Anna in the first drafts.

Frozen's Supposed Ending, Finally Revealed

According to Mirror Online, Queen Elsa should have declared war on Arendelle to stop anyone being happy. In one of his statements, Del Vecho said that Anna and Elsa were originally not meant to be sisters or even part of the Arendelle royal family. Rather, the two characters should have been used to personify the polar opposites of good and evil. Supposedly, the movie producer said that they basically started initializing an evil female villain and an innocent female heroine and the ending should have been a big epic battle with snow monsters that Elsa had created as her army.

Meanwhile, as per Heat World, the idea of making the two main characters related led the entire production to another idea of Elsa living in fear of her powers. Anna's character who was all about love apparently led them to making Elsa a much more dimensional, sympathetic character, away from the traditional good vs. evil theme. Del Vecho explains that they felt that the new concept was way more relatable, having "love vs. fear", and the premise of the movie became that love is stronger than fear.

Furthermore, the producer went on explaining that no "Prince Charming" in the film should have been present, however, director Chris Buck has ditched the idea that a man will come in and save the day. Ultimately, it was found that a sequel to the film is currently in the works. Until then, fans would have to wait what's in store for the unconventional sisters.


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