DJI Explains The Inspiration Behind The Mavic Pro Drone

Months after the release of the Mavic Pro drone, DJI has shared a video that details the work they have done to create the Mavic. According to the team that made the popular drone, the Mavic Pro is not just a new drone, it is a whole new type of drone. They also boast of the drone's merged power and smart features that make it easy for anyone to use it.

Basically, what the DJI team wanted to achieve was a drone that combines form and function, saving as much space as possible. They wanted the Mavic Pro to be unfolded quickly without compromising the space for a powerful processor. According to one of the team members, it took them several attempts and several prototypes to reach the Mavic that they had in mind.

One team member shared that in one of the earlier Mavic Pro prototype, the arms took way too much space when folded, amounting to about two-thirds of the drone. This meant that with the internal parts added to the unit, the Mavic prototype was way larger than planned. In another prototype, the drone's arms took only half the volume. However, there was so much space in between the body and the arms. Eventually, the team has fixed the balance issue by making sure that the Mavic's arms hug the whole drone in an ergonomic way.

Overall, the DJI Mavic Pro was made to be the perfectly formed drone that travelers and hobbyists enjoy. DJI Mavic Pro reviews from all over the web basically say one thing, that it is the best drone ever made. As per BGR, the Mavic's unparalleled flying ability, alongside its high-quality camera and simple design make it the best all-around drone for its price's worth.

The popularity of the Mavic drone is clearly evidenced by its shipment issues from months ago. Apparently, there were some supply problems that led to customers' outrage. This goes to show that the demand for the Mavic beats its supply amount. Nevertheless, this problem has been solved and the DJI Mavic Pro is in stock once again. In fact, it now ships in as early as one day.

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