Joy-Anna Duggar Cries In A Video For Missing Fiancé Austin Forsyth While Attending A Wedding?

Joy-Anna Duggar has been engaged only last month to her longtime friend Austin Forsyth, but it seems like only a weekend away from her fiancé already makes her cry for missing him. Joy was featured in a video posted by her best friend Carlin Bates where the Duggar lady was allegedly crying. With the video taken in dark background, one could hardly see if she is indeed sobbing, but fans have been worried about what was happening with Joy-Anna and Austin.

The video shared by Carline Bates on a Tumblr site for the Duggars caught so much attention when Joy-Anna was heard saying she's crying. Apparently, the 19-year-old Duggar was only feeling sick for missing her fiancé, Austin. "I miss him so bad. I'm crying," Joy-Anna tells in a clip recorded by Carlin. This has made some people concern, though, asking how she is missing her fiancé. While some others were left with the impression that the young couple might be in some kind of a misunderstanding that might be making Joy-Anna lonelier during the time the video was taken.

However, it was found out that Carlin Bates and Joy-Anna Duggar were out for a wedding over the weekend where their lovers were not able to join them. "I have a history test tomorrow and I don't want to study because I'm tired of studying. And Joy's over here. Joy misses her boyfriend," Carlin Bates can be heard saying on her video. The latter then concluded with their need to see their boyfriends that night.

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth are expected to tie the knot sometime this year, where their wedding registry revealed that the two might be getting married on Oct. 28 which was discovered to be the future bride's 20th birthday. The couple has however noted that the date is not yet final. Fans though are sure that it will happen soon as the Duggar family is known for not waiting long to see a wedding following an engagement.

Joy-Anna's relationship with Austin is going fast for some viewers while to other fans who are aware of their family's traditions claim that it is actually moving slowly. The couple announced their courtship in November last year and confirmed rumors that they are already engaged on March 2. Unlike the other Duggar children though who already got married, Joy-Anna might have to dish the usual "only a few weeks wait" and hang on for a few more months before she gets united to the love of her life.

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