Duggar Family Updates: Joy-Anna Confirms Engagement; Josh Finally Gets First Public Photo After Scandals

It seems that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth's promise to marry at the right time will have to broken as the young couple is already engaged to marry. At 19, Joy-Anna confirmed that she is already set to tie the knot with her boyfriend of only five months, Austin. Meanwhile, another Duggar is snatching the spotlight as the infamous son of Jim Bob and Michelle has made its first public presence after the scandals he got involved in.

The courtship stage of the Duggar children seems to be getting shorter and shorter as Joy-Anna recently confirmed the rampant rumors about her getting engaged. It may not come as a shocking news to fans as they already had a hint that the 19-year-old Duggar is getting married this year.

Early last week, rumors were rife that a fifth wedding will come to the family as was teased in the Duggar blog site. There were even news that the young couple will not make the engagement long as they are already reportedly scheduled to celebrate their union in April. Details of their wedding have not yet been announced, but Joy-Anna expressed how happy she is to be engaged with his longtime friend, Austin.

"We just got engaged!" Joy-Anna revealed. "I'm so excited to be engaged to my best friend - Austin made it so romantic, it's amazing," she continued. The Duggar family confirmed that the 22-year-old Austin proposed to Joy-Anna on March 2. It was also revealed that he asked for Jim Bob's permission before he dropped the big question to Joy-Anna.

Austin reassures the fans how they are confident that they are ready for such next step in their relationship despite their young age. He reportedly believes that everything fell into place and that being engaged is better than courtship as they are now committed with each other. Joy-Anna, on the other hand, said that their engagement now gives them the license to hold hands and thanks their fans for their well wishes.

"I'm just overwhelmed with emotion," Austin comments about his proposal. "I'm so excited to be engaged because that means the next step is marriage, and I'm excited to see what the future holds for us," he continued. He has been friends with Joy-Anna for 15 years before he asked her into courtship just last November.

Jim Bob on the other hand, is reportedly relieved to witness the true intentions of Austin who once promised to marry Joy-Anna when they started courting. The young man previously said that he specially admires Joy-Anna for her heart for the Lord along with her other wonderful character that made him convinced about their destiny.

Meanwhile, the Duggars might be seen complete in a photo in Joy-Anna's upcoming wedding, as Josh Duggar is already making a public comeback. The fallen reality star has celebrated on Friday his 29th birthday, and his family has posted a photo of him with his own family on Facebook. "Happy birthday, Josh," the caption to the above photo of Josh reads. "We love you, your amazing wife and sweet children."

People then who are speculating his relationship with his wife might already get an answer as his family seems to be in tact in their most recent photo. Josh's appearances and Joy-Anna's upcoming wedding are expected to be featured in the new episodes of "Counting On" on TLC.

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