'Attack On Titan' Season 2 Episode 1 Spoilers: Attack On Wall Rose; Beast Titan Appears

The highly awaited anime series, “Attack on Titan” Season 2 has finally made its debut last weekend. The first episode revealed the secret behind the walls. It also introduced the second attack on Wall Maria and the notorious Beast Titan.

Wall Maria Gets Attacked; Aftermath Of Annie

“Attack On Titan” Season 2 Episode 1 picked up where the last episode of the first season exactly left off, that is why it is also referred to as “Attack On Titan” Episode 26. The first episode of the new season revealed the aftermath of the attack on Wall Maria. As soon as the three military divisions of the walled city, namely Survey Corps, Military Police, and the Garrison were able to settle things, they realized that the hole that Annie left on the wall revealed a titan, a real live one.

Survey Corps captain, Hange was too shocked to find out that all this time they were surrounded by the enemies they have been fending off for decades. However, Pastor Nick, who leads the devotees of the Church of the Walls religion, approaches Hange, panicking, and tells her to cover the titan because sunlight should not touch it. In “Attack on Titan”, it was revealed that some titans get their strength from sunlight and they become immobilized with the lack of it.

Secrets Of The Wall; Beast Titan Charges

Hange decided to interrogate Pastor Nick because he clearly knew what was going on. She even went as far as threatening his life, but Pastor Nick wouldn’t budge so she gave up. As soon as things calmed down, a herd of countless mindless titans was seen charging towards the center of Wall Rose after seeping through the already damaged Wall Maria. This is the revelation of the Beast Titan and his official introduction in “Attack on Titan”.

“Attack On Titan” Season 2 Episode 1 continues as the troops scurry to defend Wall Maria, some of the veteran Survey Corp troops head off to see why there were titans suddenly attacking. The Beast Titan’s first encounter with the Survey Corp was with Mike Zacharias is brought to light, even initiating a fearful conversation with them two. After the small talk, Beast Titan took Mike’s vertical maneuvering equipment and threw his horse away so he could be fed to the titans. Beast Titan continued to stealthily scout the place as the rest of Wall Maria is distracted with the other titans attacking.

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