Mass Effect Andromeda Guide To Contagion Mission

There are many quests and missions in Mass Effect Andromeda. However, sometimes players might be confused on how to complete them, such as the Contagion mission. Luckily, all they have to do is to unlock Kadara first and do the rest.

Once they have unlocked Kadara, they will be receiving an e-mail from Captain Dunn. She will explain that there is a sick patient who is currently on-board but her stay is illegal. She does not want everyone to know about the issue.

Next, players will then need to talk to Dr. Carlyle and ask what TH-314 is all about. There, players will know that it is really contagious and can harm anyone even non-human species. They have to prevent the spread of the disease especially that the patient is not yet on stage three.

According to Segment Next, they need to go Nexus right away and ask an immigration staff about Ruth Bekker. However, Ruth is nowhere to be found, so they need to use a scanner to retrace her steps. It will lead them to Vortex Bar. Players must then scan her image in order to tick out the objective.

They need to speak with Lexi and ask information about Ruth. Also, they can ask Lator about her and will call Teron. They need to talk to him because he needs to be familiar with them and can be helpful in the latter part of Mass Effect Andromeda.

As per Mic, after conversing with Teron, SAM will alert them that Ruth is already at stage two of TH-314. They need to head to Docking Bay and look for Samuel. He will tell that a lady stole a space shuttle that has radiation trail.

They need to go to the Tempest and Suvi will help them with the search for the stolen shuttle. They will scan different systems before they can scan for Govorkam system and Kadara. At navpoint at north, they will see the shuttle and SAM will say that there are no life forms around.

They need to scan again and it will lead them to Roekar Raiders, which means they have to fight them. Players have to look for the side door, go to the Contamination Room, and check for Medical Report items. They need to go upstairs and they will find Ruth held as a hostage by a Roekar.

The enemy will ask them to set them free or he will kill Ruth. She will then tell them that she has a sample of her virus and orders them to shoot the Roekar. It will depend on the players if they will kill Roekar and put Ruth in a stasis pod. After completing the Contagion mission, they will earn XPs and AVPs.

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