Dishonored 2 Free Trial Is Happening This Week, Details Here

If the players are thinking of getting Dishonored 2 for themselves, then they can still try the upcoming free trial happening soon. It will be released before a standard demo becomes available. They need to try the game first before they even think that it is not enjoyable.

Free Trial Is Coming In Dishonored 2

Bethesda wants everyone to try and see what Dishonored 2 has to offer. On April 6, players from different platforms can try the first three missions in the game. According to GameSpot, they can use either Emily or Corvo.

The free trial will end once the players get to reach the start of the Clockwork Mission in the game, as per Polygon. Bethesda just announced that for those who will be joining the free trial and decided to buy the full game can carry over their progress.

It means that all their efforts will not be worthless since they can continue what they have started in Dishonored 2. It is pretty exciting, as everyone thought that the game will be boring and was surprised when they tried the game.

Reasons Why Dishonored 2 Is Worth Playing

Dishonored 2 costs about $60 and has no multiplayer to offer but it is a worth a shot. If the players want difficulty, they can choose from 22 difficulty modes. In addition, Arkane Studios beautifully design the graphics, which mimic that of the Victorian Era.

Another reason is it was also included in the top video games last year. Dishonored 2 also received the Game of the Year Award even if Arkane and Bethesda received series of comments that players encountered many problems while playing.

Dishonored 2 has not been declining in sales that much, which means that gamers are still buying it despite its price. They should consider themselves lucky with Bethesda's decision to release a free trial that anyone can join.

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